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fall wedding
Wow, I cannot believe it is already Fall, and it’s time for Fall wedding season.  Fall officially marks another wave of weddings.  Well, to be honest it’s almost like every season is almost wedding season.  Fall season is ideal for weddings in my opinion.  Whenever it comes time to plan my wedding, I will definitely be opting for a Fall ceremony.  The weather is allows great dresses and colors, yeah I love a good Fall wedding.
I have had many people ask for some suggestions on dresses to wear for a Fall wedding, so I thought I would put them on my blog here for everyone as well.  I love the idea of wearing blues and greens so you will see a lot of that in my suggestions.  Also all of these wedding dresses are between $30 and $500.  And I would be a terrible person if I didn’t mention my other dress secret, Rent the Runway.  For most events, unless I know I can wear the dress multiple times, I will rent a dress for an occasion here.
Cheers to the bride and groom (and your amazing dress)!

Fall Wedding Dresses


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