Fourth of July Outfit Idea – Monochromatic with Pop of Color

fourth of july outfit fourth of july outfit fourth of july outfit fourth of july outfit fourth of july outfit

Fourth of July Outfit Idea

I am so behind on content for this month, so I will be posting a few Fourth of July outfit ideas to get ready for the holiday coming up.  I have had a crazy couple of weeks, but somehow I managed to already have my outfits picked out for the holiday. Recently, I bought a clothing rack, which has help me so much with pick out outfits and staying organized with packing.  So, I have been planning out a few Fourth of July outfit ideas (hint, hint, more content coming) by using this clothing rack, and I loved how some of my options are coming together.  This year I will most likely go with a monochromatic look with a pop of color.  In this case my earrings and shoes are my pops of colors.  My goal is to always keep a simple look and versatile for any event or occasion.

What Am I Doing This Year

Every year I usually go to the Marietta Square with my family and friends.  We always cook out, bring lawn chairs, play spade, wait for the fireworks and have a few drinks.  It’s a very chill event, but we always have a good time.  This year I am going to join my boyfriend for an event at his family’s house.  I am super excited to be doing something different this year, but it will be a little weird not doing the same thing I always do.

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fourth of july outfit


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