My Summer Go To Outfit – Two Piece Set

This summer, I already know my go to outfit is going to be a two piece set!  I am obsessed with them.  A two piece set is an easy outfit that takes minimal thought or effort.  Which is up my alley and complete me when it comes to being simple!
two piece set
two piece set two piece set two piece set two piece set two piece set two piece set two piece set

Why a two piece set for summer?

Two piece sets are on trend for this summer and I will not being trying to shy away from this trend at all.  My style can be expressed and simple, classic and effortless and that exactly what these two piece sets are.  Personally I am going to try and stay away from the super bold prints because those do not give a feel for a timeless outfit for me.  However, the bold prints scream summer, so have fun with it!  I really like about wearing a two piece set is that I do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what I am going to wear.  Two piece sets are already a complete outfit.  Which is one less step for me!

I have already bought a few sets for this summer and for a few vacations that I have coming up.  I recently bought one from Naked Wardrobe.  This two piece set that I have photographed is from Dress Up.  I love their clothes. It’s an easy grab and go and I know that I will look great.  I did another post in one of their outfits, it was such a cute summer dress.



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