Why Hello, HelloFresh!

I have recently become a huge fan of HelloFresh.  My boyfriend and I have had the service for a couple months now and I do not know what I would do without it.  I kind of feel bad for my boyfriend sometimes because I am not a cooker by any means.  However, I do make a mean Chicken Alfredo (*wink).  Our meals during the week are usually pretty plain and repetitive.  So when a friend introduced me to HelloFresh, I thought every working, on the go, wanting to be healthy, boss gal needs to know about this!

Hello Fresh

Why I Was Lost Without HelloFresh

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not much of a cooker.  I’m good for a very simple meal, or hell, I’ll just get take out sushi or pasta.  My bank account didn’t love how much I was eating out even though I had it budgeted and my weight didn’t love it as well.  I was longing for fun and different meals for my boyfriend and I to have and wanted to make more meals at home.

Also with such a busy schedule sometimes, going grocery shopping wasn’t always my favorite way to spend time.  I resorted to Instacart to buy groceries in order to save time and get exactly what I wanted at my front door.  But it was pretty cool that HelloFresh solved most of my grocery delivery needs as well.  All of the ingredients were delivered right to my door in order to prepare our meals for the week.

How HelloFresh Works


  1. Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle.  We are currently on the 2 people, 3 meals plan.  It allows us to have a few nights to still eat out with friends and have flexibility.  It’s also very easy for me to commit to cooking at home 3 days a week at minimum.
  2. Select your meals for the week.  I love this part.  My boyfriend and I have so much fun with picking out what we want to eat during the week.  One thing to be aware of is your cut off date.  If you don’t select your meals or skip a week by a certain time, your stuck paying the fee of the box and with meals that you didn’t choose.
  3. Wait for your meals to get delivered.  We opted to have our meals delivered on a Saturday, that way I have the option to prep our meals for the week if I want to on Sunday.
  4. Cook away.  The meals are easy, to the point and quick to make.  Most meals are between 30-40 minutes to prepare.

Hello Fresh

Why I love HelloFresh

HelloFresh has changed my life.  It has made cooking easy and fun.  As cheesy and lame it sounds, it honestly has.  I really like that I can keep the recipe cards which is helping my overall cooking knowledge.  My boyfriend and I also make dates at home out of cooking dinner which I have come to love.  We put our phones up grab a bottle of wine and make our dinner for the night.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh


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