Just Your Average Saturday – Casual Outfit Under $30

Casual Outfit Under $30 Casual Outfit Under $30 Casual Outfit Under $30 Casual Outfit Under $30 Casual Outfit Under $30

Saturday’s are for running errands and for casual outfits under $30!  Now that the weather is finally nice in Atlanta, I am able to run errands and enjoy my Saturday in a pair of jean shorts and a tank top! Oh how wonderful this is!   I had a few extra dollars to spend on a coffee since the look was so cheap, I love a casual outfit under $30!

About My Casual Outfit Under $30

This week I am running errands to reorganize my closet, looking at larger apartments or homes and doing a little bit of shopping to get ready for some different trips coming up.  My outfit is comfortable and very simple.  A comfortable outfit allows me to tackle my day and just get stuff done.  Even though I am dressed very casually, my goal is to always look presentable.  Many of my activities and errands today are low key and I could have gotten away wearing sweats, however being presentable is always important to me.

Most of my outfit is from Target.  I got this top on sale from Target.  These shorts were a steal from TJ Maxx and my sandals were from Target as well.  The key to this outfit is a loose fitting sleeveless top, comfortable jean shorts and a great comfortable flat.

(To get a glimpse of the makeup that I used, check this out.)

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