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Come shop Sephora with me! Almost every single time, without fail, I go to Sephora and leave with more than I planned on buying when I go.  I always spend way to much money, and I regret it as I am driving back home.  But once I layout all of my new makeup finds once I get home, I am never disappointed with my purchases!  I recently stopped in to re-up on some of my favorite products.

Shop Sephora with Me – What I Bought

Okay so, I have been mission fix the under eye.  I have been having a hard time finding what is the perfect product to give me a full coverage bright eye look, but I think I found it.  I went and bought a brightening under eye corrector and a new pot concealer.

Love does not even begin to explain how I feel about the BECCA foundations. I was running low on my two favorite, so I went to get new bottles.  I have oily skin and I love more of a full coverage look when I choose to wear makeup.  These two foundations help with that.  This one really gives me that full coverage look. And I love this one when I really care about oil control and having a matte face.

I never thought I would run out of this brow product, but I am running extremely low.  I usually like to use some sort of pencil on my brow.  But if I want some kind of sharp and clean brow, I will use this in the darkest shade (because I have no brows) and it give me a super defined brow.

So I talked about needing this under eye solution.  I went back and looked at old pictures to figure out where and when did I really like how I did my under eye makeup to try and remember what I used.  I remembered that I used this product to help brighten and set my under eye.  Turns out they only sell the refillable pans of it online,  and I’m an impatient person so I went ahead and bought a whole new palette. I use the darkest highlight powder in the palette.

As a new purchase, I picked up this lipgloss from the Fenty Collection.  I have heard nothing but good things, so I can’t wait to try it out.

I also keep a page of my favorite products and must haves on my shop page.  So always check that out when you want to know what I am loving at the moment.

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