Easiest Closet Makeover – Tips and Tricks

As most of you all know, I recently moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend (check out our apartment inspo). We have really been cranking out apartment decorations and making it feel like home, even between all of our recent travel.  One part of the apartment was really important to me, and that was our closet.  I needed a closet makeover.  I wanted everything to look organized, like it had a place and would allow for the both of us to easily get ready together in the mornings.  We knew that we did not want to do a full built-in-system because it’s just an apartment and I would rather do that in a more permanent living situation.

Now our closet is really big, so that did make some things easy.  But, I wanted to share a few tips to help your closet makeover.  My tips will help your closet look organized and cohesive.

Before My Closet MakeoverCloset Makeover

Closet Makeover

This was a stressful day.

After My Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover Closet Makeover Closet Makeover Closet Makeover

Tips for Your Closet Makeover

  1. Use the same hangers.  This will help to give your clothes and closet the same look.
  2. Make all of your storage items the same color.  I chose gray and white for this.
  3. Color coordinate your closet.  Not only will this help with getting ready in the morning, but it will help your closet’s appearance too.
  4. Sort your clothes by types.  I do shirts, shorts, skirts, pants (jeans then dressy), short jackets, dresses and longer clothing (long dresses, coats, etc.)
  5. Hang as many clothes as possible.  This will help you to know what you actually have in your closet.
  6. Go up with your storage.  I try and keep as much as I can off the floor. If I can see my carpet, I am really happy.  So I try and build up.  I will use the storage at higher levels in my closet and build off of that (notice the boxes at the top of my closet).
  7. Find secret storage space.  I love my ottoman for this, it allows me to hide things in it with giving the appearance that everything has a place.

Buy These to Organize Your Closet

I got two of these to hold Damon and my t-shirts.

Though this is not physically displayed in my closet, I use this when I’m doing laundry and it helps me to hang everything up and know where in the closet the clothes need to be stored.

I use these to hang up all of my clothes.

I love these because I was able to order multiple and put it together to hold all of our shoes.

I used something similar to this to hold random items like bathing suits, purses and hats.

This is very similar to the one that I have in my closet, but I use it to hold random shoes like flip flops and my clothing steamer.

I have two of these, one for my white and colored clothes.  I love that they are really light. So I can drag them to the washing machine when I need to do laundry!

Pro tip: I try and hang everything up in my closet.  It helps me to know what it is I really have.

Closet Makeover Closet Makeover


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