How to budget & how I manage my finances in my 20s

Okay so I am going to keep this post very short, simple and to the point! I want to show you all how to budget. I already have a blog post on budgeting for beginners where I give some helpful tips on where everyone should start when it comes to budgeting. And now I have created a video that explains ALL OF THAT.

I’m thinking I’ll make a couple more videos on the money/finance topics. I graduated college in 2016 and went straight to a corporate job with very little knowledge about how I should manage my money. My dad is an accountant, and of course he tried to teach me. But somethings are just better when you learn on your own and after you make some mistakes. But check out my video on how to budget and how I am managing my finances in my 20s.

I hope this video helps! Be sure to subscribe to my channel as I hope to create more helpful content as we all try to figure out this adult stuff!


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