How to Keep and Organized Calendar for Work and Your Personal Life

Finally, my calendar organization post!  Keeping an organized calendar helps me to make time for things that matter most to me and keeps me on top of everything that I have going on.  Personally, I love using digital calendars rather than an actual planner (I talk a little about this in my GYST Free Email Course, have you signed up yet by the way?).  Anyways, I do love the benefits of a personal physical calendar, but part of my method is sharing my calendar which makes it hard to fit my method in a physical planner.  But I will explain my process and you take what works for you.

My Personal Calendar Organization

Now I am all about creating a life that I love, and a lot of the fun stuff that I love comes into play in my personal life.  So here is how I keep up with everything and make sure that I have time for everything that I want.

calendar organization

Every week I spend time in my calendar, just like I do with my to do lists.  Honestly, I do it at the same time it becomes my whole organization time and I live for it every week.  For my personal calendar I use the iCalendar on my iPhone.  My “life” calendar is a shard calendar with my boyfriend and it just helps us stay in the know and plan around things that we both have going on.  We act as a team on most things so it makes it easier to just put everything out in the open.  For example, he might put on the calendar that he has friends coming over one day, I might see that and have a few hours at the house and that triggers me to pick up the apartment a little.  This really works for us.

I love sharing a calendar, but I understand that it might not be for everyone, so do what works for you.  The largest tip that I have is to be as detailed as you can be.  It will help you so much to see what you actually have time for in your day.

Examples of What I Document In My Personal Calendar

  • Pay Day
  • Church
  • Time for Blogging
  • Date Nights
  • Cooking HelloFresh Meals
  • TV Shows That I Want to Watch
  • Special events (dinners, girls nights, dates, activities with Bentley)
  • Travel (hotel, flight, etc.)
  • Blocking off time (this can be for anything, to get some work done, run errands, do the laundry, literally anything on my to do list is fair game)

My Personal Calendar Tips

  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Include tentative events in your calendar. By doing so your acknowledging that there are things that you might do, and it gives you the time and choice to decide what is most important.  I note tentative items in my calendar by “TENTATIVE: [Insert Event].”
  • Blocking off time is going to be your best friend it will really help you get done everything you might need to in your to do list.
  • As you find out about events, just immediately get in the habit of adding it to your calendar. You can always change your calendar which is one of the pure benefits of doing it online.
  • If you are sharing a calendar, and you keep multiple calendars, put large events that you may want the other to know on the shared calendar. For example, I might have work travel that does not include my boyfriend and those travel details live on my work calendar, but because I wanted my boyfriend to know, I will also put it on my personal shared calendar as “Work Trip: Location”

My Work Calendar Organization

As most of you know, I do public relations for a large company in Atlanta, so I have to keep up with everything that I have to do for work and when events are.  For work I use our Outlook system to keep track of my calendar and events.

I am able to view my work calendar on my work computer, personal phone and my work cell phone.  I make sure that I have it in multiple places so that I do not miss anything.

calendar organization

My Work Calendar Tips

  • I put my vacations and days that I am working from home for my team to see. Instead of blocking off their whole calendar to say that I am out of the office on certain days, I set a 2-minute meeting on their calendar at 8am, mark it as FREE and set the event to say “Avia PTO” or whatever the event is.
  • I color code my calendar to keep me in the right frame of mind. I work on multiple projects on different topics.  By color coding my work calendar, it helps me to switch my mindset and ready for whatever my next meeting is.
  • I block off time on my calendar at work so that I can make sure my day isn’t filled up with meetings. By doing this it allows me to get some items done on my to do list or catch up on emails.
  • Every Monday morning at 8:30a I always block off an hour for my weekly prep. This is my time to catch up on work emails, update my work calendar, print off items for meetings for the week and update my work to do lists.

Bringing It All Together

In order to keep track of everything I combine all of my calendars on my personal phone.  I love it because it gives me a full bird’s eye view of my day.  Seeing everywhere that I have something going on and I feel so organized and put together, it makes me so happy.

I hope this gave you a few new ideas on how you can manage and plan your calendar.  Ultimately,  keep a calendar that keeps your organized and happy and allows you to make time for everything that you love.



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