ICYMI: December Instagram Posts

Just a little recap on my month of December. ICYMI.

I started the month with a work trip to San Diego.  It was my first time in San Diego and I had such a great time.  The event that we put on for our company was a huge success as well!

December always holds a special place in my heart as its my anniversary!  Damon and I celebrated 2 years, and I am really excited for the many years to come.

My boyfriend and I took a surprise trip to Georgia Southern to celebrate my younger brother’s graduation!  It absolutely crazy that the whole crew has just about graduated from college! Only my sisters left!

Petco loves them some Bentley! We enjoyed dressing him up in honor of the Star Wars movie premier.

Celebration Bowl at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Aggie Pride!

Just got off work and the sunset was amazing!  I always wear my Le Tote clothes to work. You guys should check it out, really easy way to have a work wardrobe.

Loved this outfit for one of those warm December days.  Check out this look in another posts.

Christmas at the Meadows’!  This is our annual Christmas Day photo.

After hours of traveling for various Christmas dinners, it felt good to just sit down!

Damon’s family met my family for the first time.  Pretty sure they thought we were announcing something serious at brunch.

December means dry skin for me.  Clinique has the most amazing moisture treatment, no questions about it.

Keep up with me on my Instagram page!  I’ll do more ICYMI on the blog too.  I hope to be sharing a lot more and using the platform to share my tips and tricks for a simple life!


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