Italy Travel Guide

Hi everyone! I am finally back and adjusted from a wonderful vacation in Italy!  I put together this Italy travel guide to share with everyone to give a few helpful tips on traveling to Rome, Florence and Milan.

Italy travel guide

Italy Travel Diary

Italy travel guide

Italy travel guide

Tips for Italy

Italy travel guide

  1. Most everyone speaks English, however it is helpful to know a few terms and phrases.
  2. Pre-purchase all of your tours and tickets.  It will make your life so much easier.
  3. Also, to my last point, if you go to Milan and want to see the Last Supper painting, definitely buy  those in advanced.  Over 2 million people a year want to see this famous illustration and less than 500k actually get the chance to!
  4. There are no free bathrooms in Italy, so go when you have to go! Or just be ready to pay for a mini pastry or something.
  5. All of the roads are some form of cobble stone, so wear comfortable walking shoes.  You may be able to get away with a short chunky heel for a night or two.
  6. Surprisingly, there wasn’t as much “nightlife” as I expected in Rome and Florence.  Most of the town shuts down around 8pm.

The Must See Italy Travel Guide

I made a little list of the must see attractions and my opinion of the must try restaurants if you are visiting Rome, Florence and Milan.  I also list a few great gelato places too! Italy travel guide

Download my Italy must do’s below!

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