It’s My Birthday! #24KMagic

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Well it was. I am finally 24, and I thought I would do a little reflecting.

23 was absolutely amazing to me.  I received a promotion at work, I got a puppy, traveled, moved to a new apartment and the list goes on.  I have been extremely blessed and I hope that this year as I am 24 I can continue to receive God’s blessings and really focus on sharing his blessing with everyone.

I want 24 to really be all about focus and growth.  I want to focus in different areas of my life and make sure that I am giving them my all. I want to work on sharing knowledge and blessings as well.  I hope to use this blog as a channel for that.  I am excited to see more growth and I could not be more thankful for all of the love I have been getting on this project.

I look forward to this year and living my life at its fullest.  I hope to share many many learnings with you all as you navigate through life.

Cheers to 24, and I hope 25 really isn’t the new 30!

Quick note: I celebrated this year with family and friends.  The celebration started the day before my birthday, my boyfriend took my to JCT Kitchen and after we met out with some friends for desserts.  My birthday started with a brunch at Negril Village and concluded with an evening at my family’s house celebrating with family and friends.

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