Living Room Under 1000 Dollars – How I Did It

You guys have seen on my Instagram stories that a couple weekends ago I was giving my living room a makeover.  I must say, I was quite successful and I decorated my living room for under 1000 dollars!  See how you can solve some living room challenges and see how to get a living room under 1000 dollars.

Living Room Under 1000 Dollars - How I Did It

So quick background.  After moving to Atlanta for work, I rented a cute little apartment.  Small, but cute.  After the some what spontaneous decision to purchase Bentley and with us being in the very early stages of potty training, it became very hard to live on a top floor and travel with him so far down the hallway to pee.  When I had the opportunity to move, I did it! Now I’m in a much better location to let Bentley out.  This new apartment is much larger, but the living room now has the kitchen running right through it.  So my large couch from my first apartment floated in the middle of my new living room since there wasn’t much of a wall for the couch to sit on.  I set out on a mission to fix some of my everyday problems with my living room for under 1000 dollars.

living room under 1000 dollars living room under 1000 dollars living room under 1000 dollars

My Old Living Room Challenges That I Need to Solve

Now there were a few things that I needed to solve for when trying to have a new living room under 1000 dollars.

  • More floor space in my living room.  With the couch in the middle of my living room, it made my apartment look so small.  Therefore the couch needed to be against a wall
  • Comfortable chair near the TV so that my boyfriend can play his video games near the TV
  • Storage space for blankets
  • Decorations that matched the rest of my apartment theme
  • Area for Bentley to hang out and sleep
  • Multiple seating areas for when I have friends over

The Final Product

living room under 1000 living room under 1000
living room under 1000 living room under 1000 living room under 1000

Before and After

living room under 1000 dollars

living room under 1000 dollars

How I Solved All of My Problem Areas

  1. I created more floor space by making sure my new couch was against a wall.  The living room is quite long, so I added a couch table to push the couch up one foot closer to the TV.
  2. With the couch I purchased, I got a matching side chair and I angled towards the living room.  When my boyfriend wants to play videos games, all he has to do is flip the chair toward the TV.  Our TV is mounted on a swivel stands so he turns the TV towards him as well, and he is all good to go!
  3. Under the picture on the wall I purchased two ottomans from Target so that I can store all of blankets and comfy stuff.
  4. Target and Homegoods provided as great places to buy decorations.  I wanted cozy, blue, gold and wooden textures for my astetic.  Both of those stores had endless options.
  5. In between my two ottomans, I have space for Bentley’s bed.  He rarely uses it, usually he sleeps under the couch so that I cannot mess with him.  But at least he has options.
  6. Lastly, the ottomans provide as two extra seats for friends.  So everyone has room.  Now that the living room is all set up, I use the ottomans mostly when my boyfriend and I are having dinner or to just put my feet up while I watch my shows.

Secret tips to decorating your living room under 1000

I redecorated my entire living room with out spending money.  How did I do that if I’m telling you this living room cost $1,000?  Costco is the answer! They have this RIDICULOUS return policy.  My couch from my first apartment was from Costco.  After moving and finding my new couch the main pain point in my new place, I found out you can pretty much return anything from Costco no matter how long its been!  Crazy right??? So I returned my couch,  and got back all of my money.  I was able to purchase a whole new couch from Costco and use the rest of the refund to fund the rest of my living room redecoration.

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