My 6 Tips When Traveling to Las Vegas

Hey everyone! So I recently took a long vacation to Las Vegas. A mini girls weekend, and I thought I would share some tips for those that are looking to travel to Vegas soon!


My 6 Las Vegas Tips

Book a good room.

I know it’s tempting to book the cheapest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, but you’ll be disappointed if you do. (I’d ask you to trust me on this one, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself).

The best place to book your rooms is right in the middle of the strip. It is so much easier to travel and get around. Make your decision based on the resort facilities (restaurants, pools and entertainment). You can find reasonable priced hotels on the strip that allows you to explore the hotels and casinos at your leisure without having to rely on buses and taxis.

Usually has good rates on rooms and all of the entertainment.

Never pay full price for anything.

My first question is just how? How do people go to Vegas and pay full price for things?

You can get discounted everything on And for those that are look for a good night club experience, there are promoters all over the strip looking to get people into venues for free. So take advantage of that!

Take advantage of the free drinks while gambling.

So, if you are gambling, you can order free drinks. Even if you are just playing the penny slots. Order a drink! The drinks aren’t top shelf, but it’s a nice little perk.

Spend some time off the strip.

While the Vegas Strip has plenty to see and do, it would be a shame to spend your entire trip in one place. I highly recommend visiting Fremont Street (old Las Vegas) and taking a day trip somewhere.

Another great ways to find deals on Las Vegas day trips is on They offer discounts on almost everything!

Wow, I sound like a ad.

Understand the distance.

Nothing on the strip is close. NOTHING.

You think everything should be close in distance, but it’s not. Just be prepared.

Do not take taxis if you are a tourist.

Taxi drivers will often ask you if you have been to Las Vegas before – SAY YES!

The taxi drivers have a reputation for driving the long way around to boost fares. They are a lot less likely to do this if they think you know your way around.

But just to be safe, take Lyft. Locals recommend Lyft over Uber and I ride lift because it’s one of my favorite travel tips.


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