My At Home Spa Day Routine and Products

I love a good little at home spa day. The great thing with this pandemic is that I haven’t be in need of any services, because I usually do everything at home anyways.

But I just recently had one of my at home spa days, and there are so many great products to share that will make you at home spa day 10x easier! Enjoy!

Skin Care Routine

I’ve swapped out some of my skincare products, and I am starting to find a new skin care regimen that I am currently loving! I use these products just about every day. Every so often I will swap out a product here and there based on the need. Apple Cider Vinegar is definitely something that I’ll add to my routine every so often (check out the post linked, I share some ways that I use ACV in a skincare routine).

I start every at home spa day with some of these products. This product is newly added to my routine and I can definitely seen a difference in my skin’s tone. And this product has made such a huge different in my complexion and hyper-pigmentation. Also, just wow at the price point of these two items.

Face Masks

These two masks have been my go to, especially this product! And I love applying masks with theses because it makes it so easy and no mess!


I have been doing my nails at home for all most a year now (except for when I had suspicions that I might get engaged). I found this product from a YouTube recommendation and I have not looked back. I’ve even bought some additional powders of this brand off of Amazon. Doing my nails at home have given me a real “me” moment. I’ll pour a glass of wine, put on a good show or watch Youtube and just enjoy the process.

I have a full nail salon going over here.


This has been one thing that I have learned to love. I do miss going to the shop for a good wax, but I’ve been pretty good at doing touch ups on my own. This product has been a go to for full box waxing. IT’S EASY! Which I love.

For maintenance, I use this product to prevent ingrowns and this product to help with hyper-pigmentation, so it’s not only part of my spa day routine, but my daily routine as well

Well, I hope this list is helpful for your next at home spa day. Make it a mood, make it a vibe and just enjoy the time taking care of yourself!



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