My Recent Amazon Home Purchases

Well, with all this amazing time that I get to spend at home, I’ve come to notice that I am an Amazon addict and I am constantly buying new items and organization items for our home. Below are just a few of the recent home related items that I bought from Amazon. Enjoy!

Home Decor

With all this time in the world, I’ve decided to move around a few pieces of furniture in our apartment. I’ve started by moving my vanity into our bedroom, so these are a couple items that I got to set up my vanity.

Home Organization

I picked up a few of these makeup organization cubes to put into the vanity drawer. I really want to be able to organize my daily makeup items and have my vanity set up with everything that I need for a perfect face.

Our laundry room drives me crazy sometimes. I hate having things on shelves and it not look clean. Welp that was our laundry room shelves. I bought these black boxes to conceal all of our storage and laundry needs and I love it. Now our laundry room has this black and white theme which is really cute. I just need to get a black laundry basket to match it all.

To the previous point above, I hate non organized shelves. So I bought these comforter storage bags to keep in the closet with all of our guest room needs. I love how it keeps everything together and not messily folded up in the closet.

I needed to have some organization for my jewelry and these were very minimalistic. I saw these on another bloggers site and thought it fit my need. I was so glad that I picked these up.

Work From Home Life

Being at home for all of this time and having to work, I wanted to be able to work from different areas of our apartment just to changes things up. Working from home from my desk and can get old really quickly. So I love the versatility this gives me.


When I’m getting ready I also like to watch YouTube or Netflix. This phone and tablet holder is perfect so that I can keep everything eye level. This one makes me happy.

A while after we got engaged, I realized that I didn’t have a ring holder. So I picked this up so that I always have a place to hold me ring and so that I always have somewhere to look for it.


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