New Apartment Inspiration | Moving Update

As some of you all may know, I am moving within the next week.  Luckily not too far away, but my boyfriend and I just need a bigger place.  I thought it would be fun to share some of our apartment inspiration and a little background on our moving journey!

Why We Are Moving

I moved to what is my current apartment about a year ago, mostly for space and Bentley.  I wanted to be on ground level with all of the potty training that we were doing with Bentley.  I did a couple of articles on my current (or last, depending on when you are reading this) apartment like this one here.

But now my boyfriend and I live together and we just need some growing space.  Our requirements for the new apartment were simple.  We were looking for a second bedroom, designated office space, larger closet and cheaper rent.  My boyfriend and I are focusing on our various savings goals per our budget, so keeping our new apartment under a certain price was very important to us.  All of that said, it was also important to create a space that works for the both of us and inclusive to the both of us as a couple.

Apartment Inspiration

Overall we are going for a light and sophisticated vibe with our apartment.  The apartment that we are moving into is significantly smaller than the inspiration photos let on to be, but again this is only our inspiration.  We will still be living in Atlanta and our new apartment will be around 1400 sq feet.


Inspiration: Light and airy.  We will want an accent color and have some fun with some paint.

apartment inspiration apartment inspiration


Inspiration: Black and white theme.  We want this to be fun space for wine and great conversation.

apartment inspiration apartment inspirationapartment inspiration


Inspiration: I want a very minimal work environment.   This space also has to work well for filming with my YouTube videos.

apartment inspiration apartment inspiration apartment inspiration

Living Room

Inspiration: Comfy and light.  This room will be more of a sitting room since we will be using the second bedroom as more of a game/entertainment room.

apartment inspiration apartment inspiration apartment inspiration

I cant wait to share this whole moving journey and share how everything turns out.  Stay tuned for more “Home” content (I’m thinking home finances, more inspiration, before and after, and so much more)!

apartment inspiration apartment inspiration apartment inspiration


*All of the photos are not my own.


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