How I Really Feel About Strip Lashes

I get a ton of questions on my lashes and most times the questions are on if I use strip lashes or do I go get lash extensions. I think lashes are a necessity to complete a full face makeup look!  So I thought I need to explain how I really feel about strip lashes.
Personally I think nine times out of ten I will always side with strip lashes. After you get through the whole ‘how do you put on lashes strips,’ they definitely are so much easier to maintain and you can switch up your look as many times as you want!
 how I really feel about strip lashes

How I Really Feel About Strip Lashes

I actually love them. For me they really work and they’re easy to work into my every day make up routine. Knowing how to apply strip lashes and the glue to put them on are probably the two very most important things. Those two things lead to either your lashes looking absolutely amazing and natural or quite the opposite.
Recently I tried ESQIDO mink eyelashes. On their website they have a quiz that you can take to help me find lashes that set and will look perfect on your eyes. The questions are simple and easy. After I took the quiz I got the Lashlorette style lashes. I was really curious when I took the quiz if they were going to show me the same type of lashes that I usually like to go buy for myself personally.  Man was I surprised that it did!  I usually I like to go for long, thick but wispy lashes, so it felt good to know I have been picking the right kind of lashes for myself!
 how I really feel about strip lashes

How to Apply Strip Lashes

You’ll need:
  1. ESQIDO mink eyelashes (I used Esqido, Lashlorette style)
  2.  ESQIDO eyelash glue
  3. Tweezers
  4. Scissors
  5. Mascara
First you’re going to want to cut the lashes down to make sure they fit your eye. I find that this is the most important with the reusable lashes because the lash strips can often be quite pointy and they can look funny if you don’t fit into your eye.  Since my eyes are quite large it doesn’t take much, I just cut off the extra strip where there aren’t any lashes on them.
 how I really feel about strip lashes
Take the glue and a brush along the bottom portion of the lash strip where your own lash line and the false lashes will meet. I had to be sure that I put a little bit of extra glue on the outer corners of the lashes just because sometimes I found that the would lift a little if I didn’t. However I will say that with ESQIDO eyelash glue the applicator was super cool. Because of the pointy applicator, if I did have any lift on the outer corner of my lashes it was so easy to add a little more glue while the lashes were still on. With any other glue I would have to take the strips off completely and try it all again so that I didn’t risk messing up my eye makeup.
how I really feel about strip lashes
This style of lashes definitely fits my face and eyes. Though they are quite bold and dramatic I could definitely wear these on a daily basis. Just look at the before and after, I’m telling you lashes complete the face!
 how I really feel about strip lashes

Why I Love Strip Lashes


  1.  Cheaper on the wallet
  2.  Can use multiple times
  3. Allows for diverse makeup, never have the same look
  4. Maintenance is so simple.  I don’t have to worry about sleeping face down and messing them up. Nor waking up depressed because I found lashes on my pillow.
 how I really feel about strip lashes

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