So much shade for fall

It’s now the middle of Fall, and just the other day I was organizing some of my clothes and accessories.  I started to put up some of my warmer clothes to try and get ready for the Winter months.  I got to my sunglasses and almost started to pack them up when I realized this is one of the accessories that I need to be have during the colder months.

F21 Sunglasses

Not many people think to wear their sunglasses in the colder months, but hey, why not?  Isn’t the sun still out?  They will give you luxurious look to go along with your oversized jacket and boots.  And they will take any outfit you have instantly to the next level. In my opinion the darker the glasses, the better for the colder months. However never be scared of throwing a little color in there.

Enjoy some of the inexpensive suggestions above.  No need to splurge during the Winter months.  Save the extra cash for some fuzzy socks or all of your warm drinks from Starbucks.

Alright y’all.

Love yourself. Stay beautiful. & Support and uplift the next.


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