Easy Way to Style: For the Office

I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel! And let me tell you this method to style for the office has extremely changed my life. It is made it so easy for me not to have to focus on work clothes all the time and I can then focus more on clothes that I actually enjoy and that I want to wear outside of work. And this service allows me to receive clothes that I can wear at my office without it taking up the closet space for the fun night and weekend clothes. 


So here is how I style for the office…

I use the subscription service Le Tote. And I’ll post a video where I explain a little bit more how the subscription service works that I made a few years ago. However, to simplify how this is an easy process for me to style for the office, essentially each week I try and get a new Le Tote box. Most of the clothes that they have on their website seem to fit the professional and professional casual work wear dress code, so it works perfectly for me to take into the office.

Every week I go on the Le Tote app and I select the new arrivals of clothes that I like and therefore building up my “closet”. Before my box ships, I’m able to customize what I want in my box on the app and I’m allowed to choose three clothing pieces as well as two jewelry pieces. They start to select what’s in your box based off of what you put in your “closet” but you’re able to customize it further and switch out pieces that will go into your box.  I love that the service gives you the ability to customize your box because I like to tailor my clothes to what I know will be happening in the office that week.  

They have two day shipping so I get the clothes that I wear them literally as soon as I get them and usually I have a war about three outfits worth. Then once I’m done wearing all of the clothes I decide if there’s anything that I want to keep from the box most times I usually keep some of the jewelry pieces because I’m trying to actually just grow my collection of jewelry and I put everything in the priority mail bag and ship it back and within just a few days I get a new Le Tote box.

As boujee as it sounds, I hate wearing the same outfits all the time, so the subscription service allows me to have a new outfit just about every day that I’m in the office and I love that! And it frees up my budget to then invest more in clothes that I like wearing outside of the office!  It is important to note that before this subscription I took the time to invest in work wear staples and must haves, so it is easy to style my Le Tote boxes with the clothes that I already own.

Style for the Office!

If this seems like a process that can for you, go for it! I absolutely mean it when I say that it has made styling clothes for the office so easy!



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