How to Style Your Summer Dress into a Fall Dress

Quick little fashion post to help turn your summer dress into a fall dress.

fall dress fall dress fall dress

Fall is quickly approaching, but to be honest I have a few dresses in my closest that I need to wear before it gets too cold.  It is the middle of September so we cannot wear summer dresses like it is June anymore, so I have come up with a few tips to help you wear your summer dresses for just a few weeks longer.  Just promise not to push it.

  1. Stick to your patterned summer dresses:  Patterns are just perfect for the fall season.  So any summer dress that has a pattern is a safe bet, however floral patterns are not your friend.
  2. Dark colors if you can: This is probably the easiest tip to apply to your summer dresses.  Dark colors just easily fit into fall.
  3. Add different textures:  The fall season is all about textures.  In this look I added velvet sandals.  I wanted to pull out the burgundy in the dress, while also having a shoe that fit into the soon to be season.  By just adding some simple velvet shoes, I have added another layer of textures to the outfit.
  4. Add a jacket:  Well in Atlanta, it’s still hot.  But adding a jean jacket or long cardigan is a great way to transition your summer pieces to fall
  5. A darker lip (optional):  A look is more than just the clothes that you wear, don’t forget about what your makeup says about the season.  A fun daytime dark lip could also take this look from summer to fall.

Here are a few different items for you to recreate this fall dress look.  Love you all and see you in my next post!



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