Things to do in Nashville – Weekend Recap

This post is so overdue, however I did want to share my recent trip to Nashville and some things to do in Nashville.  A few weekends ago my family and boyfriend took a trip up to Nashville to visit my sister for the Vanderbilt Homecoming game.  We thought it was a great weekend to go, not only to see her. but Vanderbilt was playing the University of Georgia (my boyfriend and my alma mater, and my middle sister goes there now too).  Go Dawgs!  Check out a few of the things that we did while in Nashville!

F R I D A Y ,  O C T .  6 ,  2 0 1 7 :

things to do in NashvilleFriday night we went and had dinner at Edley’s BBQ.  Some of the best BBQ I ever had, I just don’t like their potato salad, but my sisters did.  Right around the corner from Edley’s are two of very famous wall murals.  So of course we stopped for a few photo ops.

things to do in Nashvillethings to do in NashvilleAnd yes, Ashley and I are wearing the exact same $20 sweater from H&M.

Later that night my boyfriend and I went with my parents out downtown Nashville on Broadway for a few drinks and bar hopping.

S A T U R D A Y,  O C T .  7,  2 0 1 7 :

things to do in Nashville

We were in the stadium bright and early as the game was at 11am.  However we stopped for some breakfast on our way there at Bread and Co.  I would suggest the pancakes or french toast!

things to do in Nashville things to do in Nashvillethings to do in NashvilleOf course UGA won.  We celebrated at the cutest Mexican restaurant downtown, Saint Anejo.  They had great drinks, amazing chip dips and the vibe is perfect for any occasion.

things to do in Nashville

How can I forget! Baby sis made the ESPN snapchat news story! Historic.

things to do in Nashville

S U N D A Y ,  O C T .  8 ,  2 0 1 7 :

We wrapped up our weekend on Sunday attending church with my younger sister at Bethel in Nashville.  Prior to service we tried this interesting little griddle restaurant.  All six of us sat at a table with a griddle in the middle.  The whole concept of the restaurant was that you had the opportunity to cook your own breakfast items.  I thought the idea was cute, but hard with 12 hands reaching across the griddle to scramble some eggs.  The families with smaller kids loved it! And I could understand why, it gave the kids the chance to help cook and they loved it!  Might try it again on the next trip to Nashville but I’ll have to go with a very small group.



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