This week’s office outfits

Hey babes!

I wanted to a do a full post recapping all of the outfits I wore this week in the office. I think I might make this a regular thing on my blog so that you all can get a taste of how I put myself together in the office.

Just as a little bit of background, I work in a large corporation in Atlanta. My office is fairly business casual, however I do have a role that has a decent amount of executive exposure, so I try and make sure I am put together most days. Also with being so young in the office, my style is a little mature in my opinion. I go for anything simple, mature and appropriate for whatever I have going on that day.

If I can’t find an exact product, I’ll link a similar one in its place. But y’all already know that. You know the drill by now.

Let’s get to the good stuff. >>>>

work outfits

Monday’s Outfit

Tuesday’s Outfit

Pretty sure I was in my PJs all day. We had a fake snow day in Atlanta.

Wednesday’s Outfit

work outfits

Thursday’s Outfit

Friday’s Outfit


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