Top Etsy Gifts and Products You Need for Your Wedding

Hey everyone, especially my brides to be! I have a treat for you all looking to personalize your wedding with some Etsy gifts and products.

I am so excited to be sharing with you my top Etsy gifts purchases that you need for your wedding. Our wedding was on September 25, 2021. Even though we hired a ton of amazing vendors for our wedding, we still wanted our gifts and personal items to be unique for us and our wedding. (You can see some of the personalized items in our wedding video). So, of course I turned Etsy for some of these final purchases before a big day. 

Wedding Party Gifts

Ahead of our wedding day we did a rehearsal brunch at South City Kitchen in Buckhead. And at our rehearsal brunch we gifted our wedding party and families with a lot of essentials that they might need for the wedding day. Below are some of the gifts that we gave our groomsmen and our parents. I also found a unique pair of cufflinks that I shared with the groom the morning of our wedding.

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For the Bride

Now what did I get for me you might ask. Well, being cold at a hotel is sometime inventible. So I decided to purchase a “bride” sweatshirt. And along the same veins I went ahead and bought a “wifey” sweatshirt to take with me on our honeymoon. As for getting ready the wedding the morning of the wedding day, I got a beautiful silk robe that I thought really captures the essence of soon to be MRS. 

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